January 31, 2011

Tom Joyner Interviews Mary Harvey and You Won't See Anymore Videos on YouTube

That's the promise Mary Harvey gave to the listeners of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. We think..but we sensed some uncertainty in her voice. It's obvious she feels hurt and has a lot of resentment towards Steve. Joyner interviewed Steve Harvey's ex-wife Mary on his syndicated morning show and asked how he could help the situation. Tom suggested that Steve and Mary meet behind closed doors away from the media spotlight and without any lawyers present...Really? Not sure if that's a good idea. At the very least some kind of relationship professional needs to be present.

Anyway we're not sure if the entire community is affected by the personal lives of Steve Harvey and Mary Harvey. We feel that comment was a bit presumptuous on Joyner's part. But taking the high road in this situation was probably best thing to do at this point. At times he even seemed to be admonishing Mary for her comments on the show and her previous actions on YouTube. It's obvious Steve and Tom are friends and even more than that they are frat brothers (Omega Psi Phi). No one wants to see a feud develop between Joyner and Harvey; and it won't. Even though the buzz in the media it might generate would have been unfathomable.

In case you missed it you can watch Part 1 and Part 2 along with a transcript of a separate interview that was conducted over the weekend at Joyner's website, Black America Web.com.

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