February 1, 2011

Hip Hop On the Radio Owes More to Harvard than to the Streets of Harlem

Those are the words of Truth Minista Paul Scott in a post titled "Exposing The Hip-Hop Hood Hoax."

So Method Man and Redman, who starred in the 2001 movie "How High" were actually in the right place for higher education by attending Harvard?
According to Scott, Hip Hop (on the radio) has always been apart of Corporate America ever since the first Hip-Hop/Rap record was played on the radio.

Scott's intention is to expose "The Hip Hop Hood Myth".

From birth, we are taught to believe myths. We start off believing fables about tooth fairies and an old fat dude in a red suit ridin' around the hood in a red sleigh pulled by a red nosed reindeer. As we grow older and enter the mis-educational system, we are indoctrinated by stories about a lost sailor named Chris "discovering" America and an "honest" opportunist named Abe "freeing the slaves." We are also programmed to believe the urban legend that the Hip Hop of today comes out of the hood.

It may come as a shock for some but the Hip Hop that is played on the radio today owes more to the campus of Harvard than it does the streets of Harlem . Most Hip Hop fans can recite, verbatim, the often parroted propaganda about how Hip Hop started in the parks of the Bronx in the late 70's and went on to become the global enterprise that it is today. Like most myths, there is a shred of truth in this hype, however, the whole truth is hidden from the masses.

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