February 8, 2011

Talk Show Host Al Butler Goes After Nigerian Dating Scammer and Asks for Your Help

Butler says...I am Albert Butler and I made this video because Im tired of these scammers connected to Nigeria using my images to dupe women emotionally and financially... AND FOR THE RECORD, you can ONLY find me on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. THATS IT. If you see my images on ANY OTHER social networking/dating website it is a FAKE! ... PLEASE HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD!!!

All we can say is WOW! This is really unbelievable. Al Butler is the afternoon talk show host on 900 AM WURD in Philadelphia.


  1. Mr. Butler,

    Although I am not able to view your video thanks go out to Sprint, let me start by saying I fully understand your turmoil. I suffered a home invasion which resulted in identity theft back in 2006. My identity was used to commit check fraud. Eventually the perpertrators were caught & charged, but not only did they take my sense of security, but my trust & it has cost me TONS of $$ & time, not to mention anger & frustration to overcome the ordeal, & I may not ever fully recover especially emotionally, but I learned tons of lessons & have developed wonderful detective skills. ÷} With that being said, I now try to help people I know do their research & be extra cautious when it comes to protecting their identity & information. A friend of mine recently almost fell prey to this dating scammer. She was ready to send the $$ via wire transfer but luckily asked for my assistance which kicked my 6th sense into gear. She showed me the email & photos he sent her & my alarm bells went off all over. I did manage to get his fake profile shut down but there are so many sites he is probably still operating. I managed to report him to an agency that tries to track & shut down these operations. I am currently waiting to hear from them, so will have to follow up. Also been communicating on romancescam.com & stop-scammers.com in various forums to inform others to watch out. In my line of work I do identity verification & documentation verification so I am working with some coworkers on off hours as a favor to my friend who is devestated to trace the nigerian phone #, the source of the images & the ip addresses for the email account. Since everything is so new & I want to see how much info. I can gather, & a real criminal investigation may come out of this, I wont give too much away, but I promise to follow up & give info to you frequently as I can. Again, sorry you have fallen victim to this disgusting abuse. It is bad enough we live in a world where black people are often mistreated & taken advantage of by others, but to have blacks conning & abusing blacks makes it for me worse 10 fold.


  2. still going...now he is using name seekingquuen1 on blackpeoplemeet


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