February 3, 2011

Toronto 93.5 Flow Fires Most Staffers of Canada's Only Commercial Hip Hop Station

The changes are now a hot topic on Twitter. Toronto loses two urban radio stations in one week!

The ironic thing in all of this is "The New Flow" is still using Hip Hop in their imaging. We were up on the original "Flow" years ago with their unique urban sound and being one of the first stations to stream over the Internet. It was much different from any urban station in the States. We liked the cultural musical mix that The Flow played that was representative of the cosmopolitan flow of Toronto. The station played a mix of House, Dance, Reggae, Soca, Jazz and R&B along with Hip-Hop. Then we noticed a big change a few years ago. The station was all Hip Hop and even imported the countdown show "Live in the Den with Big Tigger" on the weekends. Since then it's been kind of off our radar. It became a must stop place for an interview for many rappers in the U.S. looking to boost their record sales in Canada. In the intervening time the station was sold to CHUM FM a division of CTVglobemedia.

TheStar.com website has more "CTV takes over Flow 93.5 FM"

The big changes and the recent events at 93.5 The Flow are also chronicled by blogger and DJ Big Philly @SolePurpose as well. He writes... “The New FLOW 93.5″ has been “New” for the last 3-4 years and there is a reason for that, it changed formats... Somewhat. Flow started off 100% urban in 2001 but around 2006-07 it made a change to “Rhythmic CHR”, which basically means “Top 40 with an urban twist.”

In addition to Flow losing their strongest “urban” programming, college station 88.1FM CKLN was recently stripped of it’s broadcasting license and will remain on the air for only a week or so longer. Saying “It’s been a rough week for radio in Toronto” would be a front-runner for understatement of the year.

Check out his blog R.I.P. FLOW 93.5 (2001-2011).
The station will not however be remembered as one of Kanye West's favorite places because the station actually edited out the word "white" as in white girl in the radio version for his song "Gold Digger."
Kanye's reaction to this was no so pretty... he actually walked out of the station.

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