April 19, 2011

Cloud Music, Cloud Player, and Cloud Drive: What's It All About?

Amazon beats Google and Apple to the punch.

Cloud Drive is the name Amazon is giving to its media storage space. The Amazon.com video below is the best explanation we've seen yet that simply gets to the point. WHAT IS IT?

They give you 5 GB of storage for free and allow you to access the media from any computer. (They will begin to charge you more once you go past 5 gigs.) Cloud Player is the name of the actual player. It comes in two formats; a player for the web, and one for Android devices. The cloud player is not supported yet for any iOS player for an iPad, iPhone, and any other "i" stuff from Apple or even a BlackBerry.

So Amazon has won the race of the big three to deliver a fully cloud-supported music option. Google and Apple are working on their cloud player as well. We're thinking however, that the other two are letting Amazon take the legal hit on this one from the music industry.

The music and entertainment industry (Sony Entertainment for one) is not going to sit by and let consumers buy songs, games, or movies only once and then let them be able to watch it on multiple devices and not get something out of it. It's not the same as buying a vinyl record, CD, or DVD as we see it. Those things you can hold. You can't hold digital. It's just a series of coded numbers.

It's almost like recording a program on a DVR or watching programs OnDemand, then watching them anywhere, no matter where you go as the video below suggest. You might be saying 'it's my music because I bought it.' Not really. This cloud drive stuff seems to go beyond the regular music and copyright licensing that's out there right now.

Besides Amazon, Google, and Apple are set to make the real money out of this deal with the data storage charges and fees alone. They'll let you purchase their space in the clouds to upload what you already have and oh yeah download as much as you like as well. Amazon, time to get lawyered up.

Click here to see how the Amazon Cloud player works on a mobile phone device

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