April 4, 2011

Mr. Cee of Hot 97 Arrested and Opens a Twitter Account and Starts Beef with DJ Envy of Power 105.1

Hot 97 Deejay Calvin “Mister Cee” Laburn was arrested by NYPD cops last Wednesday and charged with lewd conduct. You can read about the details here,... and here, and also here.

Mr. Cee opened a twitter account today to dispel the rumors and to go after the supposed haters. He received support from fellow NYC DJ's Angie Martinez, Funkmaster Flex and Ed Lover. However DJ Envy of Power 105.1 says it's a fake Twitter account. Mr. Cee responded with a #hashtag directed at DJ Envy.

My, my...just another day in New York radio via Twitter. Do you miss the days when they used to do this kind of stuff over the air?

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