April 8, 2011

Talk Show Host Rob Redding Calls Woman from Michigan in Obama 2012 Ad "Ghetto"

Rob Redding, "America's Independent Voice" whose show airs on WAOK (Atlanta), WERE (Cleveland) and other stations around the country; calls out President Obama's first re-election ad for its portrayal of Blacks. Redding questions why 'Alice from Michigan', out of all of the people interviewed, made the final cut. He comes to the conclusion that someone vetted this ad and approved it. The other supporters, except for Alice, are featured longer and are "regionally American" in their speech, including the Hispanic women from Nevada and the White man from North Carolina.

He says, "I was appalled that the only black in President Obama's re-election video was loud and borderline ghetto. Alice of Michigan is loud and speaks broken English. 'President Obama is just one person....plus, he got a job,' she said. Here is my issue. Not all blacks shake their heads and snap their fingers when they talk, so why is the first black president portraying us in this way?"

The Obama 2012 Re-Election Ad

1 comment:

  1. Someone needs to tell Rob that there are real problems that need to be spoken to. Don't waste the time of your listeners complaining about a women who really doesn't seem overly ethnic in her delivery of her message. There was no hand waving in the air. Rob, pick your battles carefully or wind up looking like a fool.


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