June 9, 2011

KYOT Phoenix Drops All the Smooth Jazz for Old School R&B Jams and More

As has been the case over the last few years, the Smooth Jazz format has dying a slow death in many cities across the country. The only place to hear it really is on Sirius XM Satellite radio, Pandora or live. At many stations it was hard to even recognize it as such because much of what was being played was Classic Soul and R&B music.

KYOT has followed suit and has dropped the music as well. However they have gone a new route by dropping all of the Smooth Jazz, keeping some of the Classic Soul of Luther Vandross, Babyface, Keith Sweat and the like and have added "Jammin’ Oldies."

Here are some of the titles they have added: Cameo - "Word Up," Jody Whatley- "Looking for a New Love," and Prince- "Kiss." BUT this is definitely not the "Jammin' Oldies" format that was popular in the 90's. KYOT also throws in some Sting, Timbaland ft. OneRepublic, and Bob Marley as well. Very interesting.

The Clear Channel station calls this hybrid format “Classic Urban.”

Take a listen to the no longer smoothest place on your radio.


  1. Greatly miss the smooth jazz you played. It was quiet, relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable!

  2. Just moved back to Phoenix. Used to listen to KYOT all the time. No more - classic urban stinks.


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