June 8, 2011

WGCI and other Clear Channel Stations Now Available on XM Satellite Radio

However 'GCI is not available on Sirius Satellite Radio channels

Going back to the original deal with XM in 2001, Clear Channel has the right to program five channels on XM, but not since 2003 has it done so. Clear Channel now beams up five of its stations from various markets across the country.

The stations are: Los Angeles CHR KIIS-FM (now on XM channel 11), New York CHR Z100 (channel 12), New York AC "Lite" WLTW (channel 13), Nashville's country WSIX (channel 57) and Chicago's urban 107.5 WGCI (channel 163).

Is this the beginnings of terrestrial and satellite radio joining forces against Pandora internet radio?

Blogger Rocco Pendola takes a look at the significance of Clear Channel's return to satellite radio programming in the post "Making Sense of Clear Channel's Satellite Radio Presence"

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