July 7, 2011

Boston Area media outlets report on the new programming at 1090 WILD

The LMA agreement with Douglas Broadcasting benefits Radio One's Bottom Line

WILD-AM Now Serves A Very Different Audience
BOSTON — 1090 WILD-AM was the scrappy little engine that could. A small-budget radio station with big ideas with over 40 years on air, it earned a trusted place in the heart and soul of Boston’s inner city community. But now that’s all gone. The station serves a very different audience.

In the 1980s, WILD-AM was the hot spot. If you wanted to find out what was happening in the city, you’d tune in. If you needed to get information to the African-American inner city community, the red brick building on Warren Street across from Roxbury District Court is where you’d go, whether you were a concert promoter, community activist or politician. read more or listen to the report from 90.9 WBUR

China Radio International’s foray into the Boston market is part of a $6.6 billion initiative undertaken by the Beijing government to burnish China’s image in the international community

Check out the Facebook page for WILD-AM and the images of talk show hosts Al Sharpton and Tom Joyner as well as Radio One President Cathy Hughes appear with text about the station’s African American talk format.

Tune into the station and you’re likely to be greeted with in-depth discussions about aspects of modern Chinese life interspersed with musical selections by contemporary Chinese and U.S. pop stars.

In the words of Dr. Funkenstein, aka George Clinton, “Do not attempt to adjust your dial.” more

Tune in to WILD-AM 1090 these days, and you can learn to speak Chinese, hear Beijing pop songs, and follow breaking news out of China.

That’s because the station that catered for decades to the local African-American community with talk and news programs sold all of its airtime last month to China Radio International, the English-language news service produced by the Chinese government.

What you won’t find on China Radio is actual news, said Sophie Richardson, Asia advocacy director for Human Rights Watch in Washington, D.C. “It’s not news, it’s propaganda.’’

Wang Baodong, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, called the radio service’s U.S. presence valuable. “We encourage the local American people to listen to such programs to gain a more comprehensive understanding of China, what Chinese culture represents, and what the Chinese people are thinking themselves.’’ more

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