July 14, 2011

New Play "STRIPPED" stars Former NFL Ballers Dorsey Levens and Ryan Stewart; Real Housewives' Lisa Wu Hartwell; and Radio/TV Personality Rashan Ali

"Stripped” peels away the layers of the life of professional football player, Jayden Dorsey, revealing the true charge and sacrifice of being a high profile athlete. Along with Jayden, the lives of four other ball players are scrutinized, quickly offering a true “fly on the wall” perspective of the price that is paid by these men and their mates.

What must you give up in order to have the fame and fortune that comes along with the limelight? And who stands beside you when the fame is fleeting and the fortune has dried up? “Stripped” is riddled with intense dramatic scenes, tested faith, unyielding perseverance, and comedic overtures that will lighten the heavy moments and have you falling out of your seats. This uniquely crafted storyline will capture the attention of all audiences taking them on a ride they won’t soon forget! "Stripped" is not your average stage play; It's an experience.

The plays stars former Green Bay Packer Dorsey Levens along with one half of 790 The Zone's "2 Live Stews" Ryan Stewart, The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Lisa Wu Hartwell, and Atlanta Radio/TV personality Rashan Ali. The play runs from July 27th through the 31st at the Ferst Center on the Georgia Tech campus.

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