July 29, 2011

Right Wing Blog "The Daily Beast" Attacks Radio One and Rev. Al Sharpton over his MSNBC Show

The Daily Beast has a political agenda and an ax to grind... let's discredit Al Sharpton and Black owned media companies. Please note: The Daily Beast posted these stories under their "U.S. Politics" section

The Daily Beast was not happy with just one story about the new host postion for Rev. Al Sharpton at MSNBC, now they have actually launched another story. That is a little over the top, don't you think?

How long will it be before the President will have to distance himself from Al Sharpton?

In the first story they tried to make a connection to Sharpton's new job and Comcast giving a total of $140,000 to Sharpton’s National Action Network since 2009; in exchange, they suggest, for Sharpton's support of the Comcast/NBC merger earlier this year.

They also claim that Radio One has benefited from the merger as well. They write "Sharpton has actually been much more useful to TV One’s executives politically than he has been as a performer."

As one of our readers tweeted earlier today to an earlier post that we have since taken down:
what's wrong with that? It's the same game "they" have been playing why is it a issue now because now "we" are in it?

Here's some food for thought: Former FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker term expired in June and now she is Vice President of Government Affairs at NBC Universal. We are wondering as our reader has brought to our attention, where's the outrage over a commissioner approving the merger and NOW has a job with Comcast?
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