July 16, 2011

This Can't be Legal? Spotify, the Popular Internet Music Service from Europe Comes to the U.S.

It's like going to a record store but
even better... (What's a record store?) It doesn't play something similar to the song you want like Pandora, or a 30 to 60 second clip of the song like iTunes--it plays the whole song or album. You can find any song you want, and share what you're listening to with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, for free.

Here's the details:

CNET News Donald Bell -You know something is good when it feels illegal. Such is the case with Spotify, the on-demand music-streaming service that seems too good to be true--or, certainly, too good to be free. Yet, here it is, the "celestial jukebox" we've been dreaming of since the days of illegal gorging on the original Napster. It's called Spotify, it's finally available in the U.S., and music fans have reason to cheer. more

Radio insiders suggest that Spotify is not a threat to radio, but more likely for users of Pandora; but anything that seems to be this interactive will definitely effect the time listeners spend listening to the radio. Especially if Spotify markets themselves as "Internet Radio."

So what's next? Making your own cassette mixtape?

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