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Deion Sanders is expected to accept the head football coaching job at Colorado following today's SWAC championship game featuring his Jackson State Tigers and Southern University. With that move a number of players are expected to transfer from the HBCU school including his son, quarterback Shedeur. The University of Colorado will reportedly pay Sanders a base salary of $5 million per year.

Roland Martin tweets: If Deion Sanders chooses to take the @CUBuffsFootball head coaching job, be prepared for a lot of social media slander calling him a sellout and turning his back on Black people. And ALL OF IT will be BS.

Angela Yee broadcasts her last show on The Breakfast Club on Friday. She's now set to host her own syndicated morning show in January. >Read more...

98.7 ESPN Radio New York shakes up their lineup with more local programming. The Michael Kay Show with Hot 97's Rosenberg of Ebro in the Morning remains in place. Bart & Hahn will leave the national ESPN Radio lineup. In January they will be heard exclusively on 98.7 FM discussing New York sports from 12-3pm. ESPN New York trails Sport Radio WFAN in ratings across the board as these programming changes were expected. >Read more...

Charlotte's Adult R&B station WBAV-FM V101.9 is ranked first with a 7.0 share of the audience 6+ while Radio One owned all sports station "Sports 92.7 WFNZ-FM" is gaining traction in the marketplace with a 3.1 share...

Radio One Cleveland R&B station 93.1 WZAK is the number one ranked station with a 9.4 share of the audience 6+...



August 22, 2011

98.7 Kiss FM "The Open Line" with Bob Slade, James Mtume, and Bob Pickett - One of the Most Important Talk Shows in America

"The OPEN LINE Show is hosted by Bob Slade, James Mtume and Bob Pickett. Open Line is a "live" call in show (2 hours) which airs on Sunday mornings beginning at 10 a.m. to 12 noon on 50 thousand watt WRKS-FM, aka 98.7 KISS-FM, on the FM dial, reaching the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut markets."

In one of their most recent shows The Open Line talked with Dr. Boyce Watkins on the Debt Ceiling Debate in America, the wealth gap in America, and the controversy surrounding Tavis Smiley & Dr. Cornel West's "Poverty Tour." Steve Harvey needs to stay out of politics...and to stick to comedy...they are problems with what Tavis has been doing since 2008 but I support the Poverty Tour and Somebody needs to speak up for the poor.

People are going to take what they [Harvey and Tom Joyner] say seriously...these Black public figures are positioned to control the minds of the masses...people should have the facts and make decisions for themselves and not let these radio hosts tell them if they don't support a person then they're a sellout.' -paraphrased comments from Dr. Boyce Watkins

This archived show began with a quick look back at the station's recent 30th Anniversary Reunion Party. [Listen Here]

"The OPEN LINE Show has been called by numerous leaders and journalists as “One of the most important talk shows in America... Its impact is enormous,” and ranked by Talkers Magazine as one of the top 100 Talk Shows in America. Open Line is the most listened to talk show in the tri-state area with a 12+ share in its time slot. Open Line has won the 1998 & 2002 New York Metro A.I.R. Award for the “Best Public Affairs Show” in the New York Market."

If you missed any of The OPEN LINE shows or if you're outside the New York City tri-state area, you can catch past shows on their website. ...and we do agree with page comments from the listeners...'Why isn't 98.7 Kiss FM streamed live on the internet?'


  1. you know i don't hear a lot of pundits on tv or radio, raving about the black vote, sometimes i feel like we don't matter.. so my point is whatever we got, can't get no worse than what we will get from the republicans, so we must show up for 2012 no matter what the cost!! please encourage our community.. before they start believing the hype..(that our president is not doing enough) we are not WINNING (they are)

  2. The Clinton's are destroying pres Obama! Look at the people who are slipping up in the democratic party, they are all Clinton supporters.... This is all being set up for Hilary in 2016. You did think they would let him get away with beating did you? Bill Clinton on the news this morning with porn stars, he is trying to discredit himself so he can't help president Obama... It's all about the Clinton's...... Pay attention people and wake up!!!!!!!!


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