August 16, 2011

Will ratings winner Michael Eric Dyson join Al Sharpton at MSNBC?

From the Daily Beast and Allison Samuels- "Last week Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson’s late-afternoon debut hosting The Ed Schultz Show was a ratings winner, regularly beating shows in the same time slots on CNN and other networks. Like Sharpton, Dyson has been a political pundit and regular guest on MSNBC and other networks for years and, like Sharpton, was automatically considered the perfect guest host for prime-time duties while Schultz was on assignment."

The Daily Beast article speculates on the possibility that Michael Eric Dyson will be offered a hosting position at MSNBC based on good ratings. The article also looks to tick off a few members of the National Association of Black Journalists as well. As it stands now, Al Sharpton has not been named the permanent hosting position on the 6 p.m. MSNBC Live program. But whoever said that details should get in the way of a good story.

Dyson, the hip hop lyrics quoting professor, was a one time mid-morning daily talk show host on the Syndication One/Radio One network. That slot now is hosted by attorney Warren Ballentine.

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