August 2, 2011

WVON Radio Host, Lenny McAllister Fired for Standing Up for McDonald's Night Manager

Since when does the NAACP & The Tea Party work together?

The following facebook posting along with the on-air call to action is where the trouble stared for the former WVON talk show host: "Lenny McAllister has called for a “holiday” from McDonald's here on the south side of Chicago until those restaurants’ leadership (and ownership) learn to mentor, support, and guide our young people more rather than simply abusing them while they are at their lowest points, only to complain about them once they’re all used up – until then, DO NOT FREQUENT MCDONALD’S on the south side of Chicago."

In a story with many twists and turns; a McDonalds restaurant on Chicago's South Side fired a night manager for not showing up for work. The 21-year old manager, Jentri Casaberry was at the hospital bedside of his 6 day old son, who soon after passed away after complications following his premature birth.

Casaberry apparently asked for the day off to be by his fiance and son's bedside."I watched my son die in my hands," he told The Root. "I was told it didn't matter who died and that I was supposed to come to work anyway." Lenny McAllister called for a one day protest of McDonald's for the firing. It turns out that Casaberry was mentored by McAllister in the past.

WVON reportedly received a call from a representative of The Black McDonald’s Owners of America, who threatened to pull all advertising away from WVON if the boycott were not called off. A week ago, after only five days of “protesting,” McAllister announced on his show that donations had paid for the funeral of the 6-day-old child, and that the issue had been resolved between Kevin Allen (the McDonald's franchise owner/manager) and the NAACP. The boycott was off. The next day, McAllister was fired by WVON. McAllister informed his followers that he and WVON have parted ways.

Now the Chicago Far South Suburban branch of the NAACP is planning to protest the station to help McAllister win his job back, and The Tea Party, which McAllister is a member of, is offering its assistance as well.

WVON management has declined comment on the McAllister firing.

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