September 16, 2011

Former V-103 Personalities Miss Sophia (Hey Girl) and Joyce Littel Back on the Radio

Atlanta Area Listeners Have Missed the Former V-103 Personalities

"Adults Get Their Own Online Musical Paradise"

Dynamic, Informative, and Cultured DigitalLoveLive.com Provides Tender, Love and Care to its Audience in an Entertaining Therapeutic Style That Soothes the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Atlanta, GA -Joining the world as a large player in the Internet radio industry, Digital LoveLive.com is set to introduce its self in the information super highway as soon as the last leaf falls.

September 2011, DigitalLoveLive.com is sure to offer an experience like no other online radio business. Undeniably composed to provide some of the best radio on the Internet, DigitalLoveLive.com is the newcomer with an old soul.

Unlike most radio programs in cyberspace DigitalLoveLive.com intends to create the most compelling online entertainment experience for its audience members visiting the website. Designing radio programming that caters to the public in a way that puts them in a comforting element through music, vital information, and great guidance, (concerning relationships and life); DigitalLoveLive.com is the remedy that the public needs.

DigitalLoveLive.com is the ultimate destination for soul healing and self discovery. The website conjoins amusement with spiritual direction through the voices of its personalities and the content in its shows. These aspects allow it to draw in and retain a nice healthy audience. Topics discussed on each individual radio show examine all aspects in pop culture and cultural mixtures in today’s society. DigitalLoveLive.com creates an ambiance that appeals to the developed mind awaiting inspiration on thinking, learning and growing on all respectable levels while entertaining simultaneously.

The programming of DigitalLoveLive.com is comprised of several shows by some of the most well- known names in the entertainment industry. Ms Sophia, Joyce Littel, and DJ Herb, all formerly of Atlanta, GA radio station, V-103, all have daily segments on the site. Other names include trumpeter Joey Sommerville, underground star Joi, Corey King, and personal interviews with Musiq Soulchild, Anthony David and a host of other celebrities. DigitalLoveLive.com is focused on superior production and programming through state of the art video and sound with local and nationally recognized talent. “We not only created this experience for millions of fans in the Atlanta area but for the global fan base we plan to accumulate in the near future” says Littel.

“DigitalLoveLive.com is on the rise to be like no other online radio station in its market. It captures you, keeps you and soothes you like an angel singing a lullaby,” said DJ Herb, a popular Atlanta DJ who has had years of experience in the radio industry and is a DigitalLoveLive.com Personality. It’s far from buffoonery and the other glittery loud stations that you sometimes tune out. It has substance and it’s entertaining. It’s your best friend, your spouse, your family, your doctor, and your teacher. DigitalLoveLive.com is everything,”

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