October 31, 2011

Clear Channel Cuts Threatens the Country's First Black Radio Station WDIA

Memphis radio station 1070 WDIA, the first Black radio station in the country has survived many budget cuts by Clear Channel Radio over the past few years. The most recent cuts at WDIA include on air personalities Yvette Whiteside (pictured left), Jeff Lee, and Greg Peters.

Those moves have hit the Memphis African American community hard.

The heritage radio station, that incorporates the "Blues" along with an Urban AC format, still generates top ratings in Memphis even though the AM radio signal competes against FM stations in the market.

The station on air personalities have been reduced to Bobby O'Jay in the morning; Bev Johnson, middays; and Mark Stansbury in the afternoon.

News Channel 3 in Memphis files a news report on the changes at WDIA.

Many are wondering how long will it be before Clear Channel pulls the cord on WDIA altogher?


  1. This is a disturbing trend across the country, either major cutbacks or eliminating Black radio stations all together! A definite push back to any progress that's been made in the media industry.

  2. The inevitable divestiture of Clear Channel stations around the country signals an opportunity for more African-Americans to become broadcasters. React Radio Network welcomes Memphis' urban radio community to explore the possibilities.


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