October 22, 2011

DJ Rane files Second Lawsuit against WPGC and CBS Radio

She’d always considered herself and co-host DJ Flexx as partners. Which Sykes believed meant their "paper" was about the same. But after almost 10 years on the air together, there was a big difference in the amount CBS Radio paid them.

The details surrounding a second lawsuit from former WPGC host "DJ Rane" is profiled in two local Washington, D.C. newspapers.

In May of this year, Ranelle "DJ Rane" Sykes filed a gender-discrimination suit against CBS Radio claiming that her on-air partner of a decade, Keith “DJ Flexx” Clagon, was earning “significantly more” than her.

-In April of 2010, Clagon had shown up at the studio distracted, Sykes says. When she asked him what the trouble was, it all came pouring out. “He confided in me that management had come to him and asked him to give some of his money back, so that I could make more,” Sykes remembers. Sykes, who’s rarely at a loss for words, was speechless. ...Read more in the DC City Paper.

-The Washington Post also picked up the new developments regarding a second suit filed in Prince George’s County Circuit Court last week. Sykes claims WPGC “terminated” her after she filed another internal complaint in July — and that this dismissal constituted illegal retaliation. ...Read more in the Washington Post.

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