October 10, 2011

Farai Chideya hosts WNYC "The Real Cost of Unemployment"

“Good jobs used to come with a promise of stability, leading to a here-until-retirement mentality,” said host Farai Chideya. “No more, not in the private sector or the public. I invite members of the community to join me in The Greene Space to explore the true impact this has on our culture and society.”

On Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm, The NEXT New York Conversation explores THE REAL COST OF UNEMPLOYMENT – to individuals and families, personal and mental health, and to communities and the nation. The NEXT New York Conversation is The Greene Space’s dialogue series featuring a collective of changemakers, newsmakers, tastemakers and New Yorkers, sharing their values about interesting topics that are reshaping, redefining, and re-imagining our world.

Host Farai Chideya will welcome vibrant voices from the labor and finance fields to The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space, the station’s innovative, street-level, multiplatform studio, to shine a light on and explore questions such as, “How are fluctuations in the job market for some and persistent unemployment for others affecting our lives?,” and “Will solutions come from the market, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians... or a mix from all groups?”.

Panelists include: personal finance expert CARMEN WONG ULRICH, author of The Real Cost of Living and frequent contributor to outlets including the Today Show, CNN and MSNBC
investor; RYAN MACK the president of Optimum Capital Management, who teaches and mentors entrepreneurs; Columbia University Professor DORIAN WARREN, who studies labor markets with a focus on communities of color.

The NEXT New York Conversation: The Real Cost of Unemployment
When: Wednesday, October 19 at 7pm; “Pink Slip Plus” mixer at 6pm
Where: The Greene Space 44 Charlton Street (at Varick Street) New York, NY 10014
Tickets: Admission is free; tickets must be reserved by visiting www.thegreenespace.org

Live Video Webcast: www.thegreenespace.org and www.theroot.com

The Greene Space is joined by The Root, the leading online source of news and commentary from an African-American perspective, to co-host the event’s live video webcast. The Root raises the profile of black voices in mainstream media and engages anyone interested in black culture around the world.

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