November 21, 2011

Radio One Lets You Play "DJ" on Black Planet Radio

BlackPlanetRadio.com makes everyone a DJ with a platform that allows music lovers to curate, share and discover new music (Yes, Black Planet is Still Around)

Getting in on the action as well as DJ's are media personality Amanda (Diva) Seales, along with music artists Vickie Winans, Kandi Burruss, and Keith Sweat. They are some of the public figures that share their own personal playlists on the new BlackPlanetRadio.com.

NEW YORK - Interactive One, the largest digital media company serving Black Americans and a subsidiary of Radio One, announced this week a partnership with Songza, a leading streaming music service, to launch BlackPlanet Radio, the digital industry's first social radio website targeted towards African Americans. BlackPlanetRadio.com allows users to discover new music in a variety of ways, as well as create playlists from a library of more than 14.5 million songs to share with their social network communities.

"For generations, radio has served as an integral part of the Black American experience and BlackPlanet Radio is the digital extension of that cultural pillar," said Barry Mayo, President, Radio One. "We are already leaders in digital streaming as the 12th largest audio streaming company in the country. BlackPlanet Radio will build on this leadership by taking radio's concept of music curated by people and shared with communities, and bringing it to the Web in a way that will connect our audiences more deeply. We believe the best digital music radio services will tap into people and communities -- not just rely on algorithms. BlackPlanet Radio is all about the users."

"BlackPlanet Radio makes creating music playlists more fun by allowing users to play DJ and share their creations with their online friends, for free from their desktop browser or via our mobile iPhone and Android apps," said Tom Newman, President, Interactive One. "Personal expression and connecting with friends is the essence of BlackPlanet.com and this new extension of the social networking site is a great way for people to connect online through music."
Targeted towards African-American consumers, the new service is integrated with Facebook and BlackPlanet.com, the definitive social network for Black America, allowing users to express themselves and help their friends discover great new music. BlackPlanet Radio will feature digital streams from Radio One's network of 53 radio stations, as well as playlists created by thousands of experts and figures from across the Radio One family of brands including radio station DJs, artists, celebrities, site editors and contributors, and music experts among others.

Social Music Discovery
BlackPlanet Radio is a community-based site that saves busy music lovers time by making music discovery easy and engaging. BlackPlanet Radio is free and allows users to browse, create and curate music playlists organized by a wide range of activities, genres, moods, decades and more.
BlackPlanet Radio keeps a record of what playlists have been listened to in the past and saves favorite playlists to each account holder's personal and sharable music collection. Collections can be shared with friends and organized by era, activity, mood, genre or any other category. Users who log in to BlackPlanet Radio with their Facebook account can organize their favorite radio stations and playlists all in one place and can see what their friends are listening to in real-time.

A Platform Partnership
Songza offers brands an efficient and effective way to have a social music experience perfectly tailored to their audience. BlackPlanet Radio brings together Songza's powerful music streaming platform, which makes it incredibly easy for users to find an expert-made playlist for anything, and Interactive One's expertise in the African-American digital space including its access to some of Black America's most prominent figures and influencers.

"Music is a powerful way for brands to engage with their audience," said Elliott Breece, Chief Product Officer, Songza. "BlackPlanet Radio leverages Songza's platform and BlackPlanet's trusted brand to deliver an incredibly relevant and compelling streaming experience. We're thrilled to see it go live today."

To experience BlackPlanet Radio, visit www.BlackPlanetRadio.com.

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