November 14, 2011

Radio One Set to Launch Houston's News 92 FM This Week

News 92 FM will launch precisely at 5 AM, on Thursday, November 17th with Gospel music going by the wayside to an HD2 channel and online.

When All News 740 AM KTRH changed formats to become a conservative talk station in July, Radio One saw an opportunity to fulfill a need in the marketplace by replacing the lowly rated Praise 92.1 with news. Now with the impending launch of News 92 FM, Clear Channel owned KTRH is changing direction a bit and is in fact beefing up their news staff to compete with the new all-news station on FM according to blogger Mike McGuff.

The new logo is set for Thursday's debut and click here to read more of the details of the station's lineup.

This is Radio One's first foray into the all-news format anywhere in the country. The company bills themselves as the "Urban Media Specialist", however they are redefining their role in the radio industry with this move in Houston. The only questions that remain are:

Do they have the staff to maintain a 24 hours a day news operation in a Top 5 city, will their sales force be able to make it a viable and profitable format, and how much competition for listeners will KTRH present to them for ratings.


  1. You've raised some interesting questions here, given Radio One's record with developing stations. But unless we're parsing News 92FM as a 'headline news' station or a FM news talker, it wouldn't be the company's first news/talk station.

  2. This station would not be anything they have ever done before. The station will have anchors and staff that are mostly non-African Americans. The station would be wall to wall news and not a talk station almost 24-7.

  3. I tuned in this morning expecting to hear news and there was no news...religous music was still playing. Has the roll out of 92 News been delayed?

  4. News92FM is on the air as of this morning. You can listen here


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