December 27, 2011

Big Boy's New Book “An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size” Now Available, Get it for Free with a Tweet

That's right all you have to do is get on Twitter this week and you will get a portion of the book for free...well that would be chapter 14 "Another Near Miss" that goes into detail of how Big Boy aka Kurt Alexander landed his first radio gig at Power 106. Go to Radio Big @RadioBigBoy and follow the link. They will ask you to post a tweet about the book.

Here's some background on the book from EURWeb

*Just after the Christmas rush, Cash Money Content, the book publishing arm to record label Cash Money Records, will release “An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size” written by radio personality, Big Boy.

In his new book, Big Boy shares his tough journey from an overweight homeless teen, who overcame guns, gangs and dealing, to become a morbidly obese, reaching over 500 pounds, funny-guy sparring regularly with superstars like Will Smith, Barack Obama, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson on the radio.

The iconic morning show host tells an inspirational behind-the-scenes tale of how he fought the battle of his life, finding himself near death more than once, all the while still entertaining Los Angeles daily with his hit radio show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”

In 2002, Big Boy weighed in at 511 pounds.

But after the death of Big Pun and taking on a challenge from Will Smith, he began to lose the weight. Will Smith stepped in with an on-air challenge to donate $1000 for every pound Big lost to the charity of his choice.

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