December 21, 2011

Chicago Veteran On-Air Personality Irene 'Mamacita' Mojica is Back on the Air

Irene "Mamacita" Mojica is back on the airwaves. The former 107.5 WGCI-FM, V103 WVAZ-FM and Jammin' Oldies 103.5 WUBT-FM on-air personality is currently holding down holiday fill-in shifts at northern suburban Chicago radio station Star 105.5 (WZSR-FM). Starting January 7th, according to Chicagoland Radio and Media, she will begin a regular Saturday afternoon shift on the station from 10:00am-3:00pm.

Mojica's new station will be a departure in the urban format that she has worked in for many years at the stations mentioned above. She has been off the air since her release from V103 (WVAZ) in 2009. Star 105.5 is a rhythmic/pop music station located about an hour outside of Chicago, so many of her fans will have to tune in via the internet to hear her.

Irene became a victim of Clear Channel Radio's massive cuts that affected over 500 employees across the country. Also a part of the cuts at the time was midday personality Troi Tyler. She has since returned to V103 on Sunday evenings at 7 p.m. source

Here's some of Irene's bio in her own words...

- Born and almost grown up on the Westside of Chicago...I still haven't matured yet. (lol).

- Started doing Spanish TV on WCIU, Ch. 26 right out of high school while working in the office typing out daily program and commercial logs. Became head of the Continuity dept. (Of course, I was the ONLY one in the continuity dept, but hey it's a title...I'll take it!). Was partime and #1 on radio in Chicago Saturday mornings by age 21. Chicago's 1st Hispanic female on a non-spanish station...ok the ONLY Hispanic female in Chicago radio. Again...it's a title; I'll take it! lol.

- Was a blond all during highschool until I started in TV then radio...and yes I still maintain that the sun did it!

- Raised the Puerto Rican way by my mom, then I raised her. She turned out OK. This helped me to learn that if I wanted something I had to earn it so I lied about my age and started working at a clothing store downtown by my 14th birthday while going to school. This ghetto girl wanted the good stuff and all the extras then. Thanks Mama...I love u.

- Am a constant handwasher and workaholic but when it comes to beverages...not an alcholic. Falling down drunk in public don't look good on nobody! However, at home it's OK as long as you stay there and sit completely still.

- Hate when people lie and assume your stupid enough to believe it...I let them THINK I am and smile.

- LOVE to learn new things about everything!

- Know that sometimes you can be in a crowd and still be alone and that that's not always bad.


  1. Congrats! I listened to you as a kid. I remember you use to curse overnight lmao

  2. Love to hear that she's still around and well, i hope she cpmes back to chicago

  3. Used to love listening to Irene Mamacita Mojica spinning them smooth soulful cuts at night. Man I miss that chile! Glad to see que está siguiendo en la lucha! Some Spanglish of ya’ mamacita! Que Dios le bendiga. Pa’lante!🥰❤️🖤💚✊🏿 🇵🇷


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