December 16, 2011

Common Releases His Entire New Album “The Dreamer, The Believer” on YouTube [Listen Here]

We grabbed the full version from YouTube and you can listen to it below

In the world of marketing and promoting new music the rules for distribution have definitely changed.

Now along comes Common, the full time rapper, part time actor and White House poet, has gone a step further beyond giving fans a free mix tape of new music. He has released his new album “The Dreamer, The Believer” on YouTube. Yes, the entire album.

The physical copy and digital download of the album will be available for purchase on Tuesday, Dec. 20th. But in the meantime The YouTube version of the album allows users to click on any song they want to hear or just click play at the beginning of the video and listen to the full 50 plus minute album straight through. As a warning, the beats are bangin' and raw with a throwback style. Which means radio airplay will be very limited! Also outside of just a few tracks including "The Dreamer" featuring Dr. Maya Angelou and "The Believer" with John Legend, the album contains **explicit** lyrics throughout. You've been warned!

Update: The video is no longer available after the release of the album

Interview with All Hip Hop

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