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Tee-Roy, iHeartMedia's on-air personality at 93.3 The Beat in Jacksonville, Power 99 in Philadelphia, and in other markets; tells local Jacksonville TV station News 4 that his listeners say play Kanye West in light of Ye's recent anti-Semitic posts on Twitter that have resulted in him being banned by Elon Musk. “I thought more people would be like, ‘Hey, don’t play Kanye. I don’t want to hear him.’ But the response has been the total opposite So, to me, it’s shocking,” Tee-Roy said. “The biggest thing that came up has been race. Everybody’s said, ‘He’s a Black man and we need to support him as a Black man.’”

ABC News president Kim Godwin has decided to take Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes off the air, saying they’ve become too much of an internal and external distraction. Look for the hosts to return rather quickly as the ratings for 'GMA3' from last week saw a significant boost from the prior two weeks before the news of their affair surfaced. Godwin said that the relationship is not a violation of company policy.

Samantha Chatman has been promoted to weekend morning anchor at Chicago's WLS-TV ABC 7 Eyewitness News.

Watch and listen to Angela Yee's last broadcast on The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne and DJ Envy will continue on without a third member as no replacement for Angela has been named as of yet. >Read more...



December 12, 2011

Jay-Z's Carnegie Hall Concert Received Too Much Media Hype?

Maybe not. But definitely for the wrong reason.

Jay-Z will perform two shows at Carnegie Hall in February to benefit the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way of NYC. Fact.

Now we're not sure if it was a slow news day or what, but the hype over Jay-Z's concert at Carnegie Hall was way over the top. The main purpose, intended or not, that got lost in translation was that it's going to benefit at-risk and low-income students in New York City’s public school system. Doing something about the drop out rate among high school students is a good thing.

If you heard the announcement as it was reported on TV or radio last week, the benefit part of the concert was not the main focus. It was the cost of the tickets!

Here's the Jeopardy style quiz.

"I'll take 'Things of No Value or Merit' for 200.

Alex Trebek: The answer is $2500.

"Alex, what is the starting price for tickets at the Jay-Z concert at Carnegie Hall?"

Now it was widely reported in many media outlets as well, as in Rolling Stone Magazine, that Carnegie Hall was hosting its first ever Hip Hop concert. However Jay-Z is not the first Hip Hop artist to perform at Carnegie Hall according to online content contributor Yvette Carnell. She and Dr. Boyce Watkins have quite a few things to say about Jay-Z, our modern day Hip Hop version of Horatio Alger and how the announcement about the concert was framed.

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell also discussed the direction of hip-hop in America, and whether Jay-Z’s status in mainstream [America] has led him to move to the front of the line relative to most authentic hip hop artists. They were to say the least a little fired up!

"Much of what Jay-Z says is worthless."

"[He] drinks strawberry milkshakes with Warren Buffet. He's a great businessman, but he's not Hip Hop."

"I'm really more disappointed in Kanye than Jay-Z because he didn't come from this. You're not that dude."

Click here to watch their video podcast

Below is some of the footage from the SC Foundation press conference as covered by the Associated Press

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  1. Kanye and Jay are doing what sells. The other stuff on the albums never gets played on the radio. There was only a couple of songs on Dark Twisted that were ready for radio. So don't blame them blame the people who are behind the marketing. There job is to get paid!


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