January 17, 2012

Rob Redding's Radio Show Adds 1520 AM WTHE New York City

New York City will this week be able to hear Rob Redding's "Redding News Review" on 1520 WTHE.

"I have dreamed of being heard on terrestrial radio in New York City, since I started in this business almost 20 years ago," said Redding. "I am grateful to both my network and WTHE for this opportunity."

The radio station is scheduled to start running Redding's show on Tuesday mornings seven days a week. Redding's show is heard on radio stations from 4 to 7 p.m. ET weekdays and nationwide on Sirius XM from 7 to 10 p.m. ET Sundays.

WTHE becomes Redding's eighth radio affiliate. The show is heard in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Raleigh, Myrtle Beach and Louisiana. His podcast airs daily in Charlotte and New Orleans.

The award-winning show delivers headlines from award-winning ReddingNewsReview.com.

Redding last week released his book, Where's the Change?: Why Neither Obama, nor the GOP Can Solve America's Problems.

Redding was recently named to BlackTalkers.com's "Talented 10" radio talk show hosts, he has also been named one of the "100 Most Important Talk Radio Show Hosts in America" and his website has won three consecutive "Black Web Awards."

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