January 5, 2012

Spinderella Calls Out Celebrity DJs Alicia Keys and Lil Wayne

New Year’s Eve saw a number of celebrities including Kanye West in Vegas, Lil Wayne in Miami, and Alicia Keys in New York debut their DJ skills behind the turnables. But do they deserve the respect of fellow DJs?

Spinderella, the DJ for the legendary rap group Salt 'n Pepa and former midday radio personality at K-Soul in Dallas, was not too happy about all the buzz surrounding the celebrity New Year's Eve mixers and let the world know via twitter.

The problem she says is that digital technology cannot replace what she has been doing in the game for the last 25 years. She tweeted...

First, Dj AK-47 (Alicia Keys) and now Dj wih wih wiggety Wayne? WTH who's next??
the problem is seeing those who choose Djin as a 'novelty/trend' when real Djs are being overlooked for jobs given to a 'non' Dj wit a name
I rapped on a few joints back then.. and was dope at it.. but never claim to be a 'rapper' ..
Todays aspiring djs shouldnt rely on 'technology' to make them a dj.. technology is a crutch.. the 'heart' of djin lies in the foundation..
Serato made it easy.. but my back still hurts from yrs of crate carrying ...

i get it..'musiclovers' wanna broaden theyre horizons and share the love of music thru djing.. but commanding Gs for somethin you dont do?

So is it a matter of which is better the Serato digital technology or the analog sound through vinyl? Or is Spinderella just hatin' on the technology...

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