February 2, 2012

Donnie Simpson Makes A Statement on His Radio Return

Donnie Simpson reveals on Facebook that he has several offers

The following comes from his fan page:

"I signed off the air 2 years ago yesterday. Can you believe it's been that long? It was a day I will never forget. I had been on the radio since I was 15 years old and for 40 years it had been all the fun I could stand, but that 41st year was hell. I so hated the place I was at and couldn't wait for the show to end that morning. I had been in misery for a year, but my deliverance was just hours away.

I chose January 29th for two reasons. First of all, I wanted to get to the year 2010. I started in 1969, so that would mean I worked in 6 decades. That's pretty cool. Secondly, my birthday was on the 30th and I refused to take that hell into another year of my life. Thus, the 29th.

I remember so vividly all of the TV cameras, reporters, and well wishers there to share what they kept calling this historic moment. I was surprised by all of the attention, but it seems that they all viewed this as the end of an era. Because of that, The Washington Post even placed my departure on the front page, above the fold. I couldn't believe that. Does this mean all of that? The end of an era? Wow! While that's quite flattering, it was very sad to me."

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