February 20, 2012

George Clinton Seeking Help to Save His Funky A..

He's looking for real "funkateers" to preserve the old and new doo-doo

From New York Post Because a Florida judge ruled last month that iconic funk king George Clinton doesn’t own the rights to any music he created from 1976 to 1983, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is now seeking help from fans online to preserve his recording studio. Clinton, the former leader of Funkadelic, has set up a $50,000 fund-raising campaign on leading “crowd-funding” Web site IndieGoGo, and he’s giving supporters autographed CDs and T-shirts for contributions as low as $35. Other items include private concerts and Clinton’s voice on your outgoing phone message. The broke singer’s IndieGoGo page says he’s aiming to “re-create” classic tracks, and it lists studio hardware he needs.

From his Indie GoGo page: He goes by many names......Dr. Funkenstein, Mr Wiggles the Worm, Lollipop Man. No matter what you call him his work is inescapable. George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic are pioneers of funk music, whose sound is the  DNA of modern Hip-Hop and Soul.
From "I Wanna Testify", "One Nation Under A Groove", and "Mothership Connection" though "Flashlight", "Atomic Dog", and "Paint The White House Black", P-Funk has been on the front lines of progressive creativity and has forged a sound and a style that has turned heads and tore up stages for over 5 decades! But the flight of the Mothership has not been without turbulence. Countless acts of copyright fraud, theft, and intellectual injustice have and still continue to attempt to derail the funk from fulfilling its mission. As George fights daily for the funk, this campaign acts as an opportunity for us to unite and return it to its rightful owners.

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