February 19, 2012

Sean Anthony's Flow of Wisdom Radio Makes Major Changes

Syndicated talk radio show will now air at 9AM Sundays on WYTT 95.5 Jamz Roanoke Rapids, NC.  Host Sean Anthony releases his statement on dropping “Hip Hop” from his name

Richmond, VA  Flow of Wisdom Radio has made significant changes since it first aired on WCDX in 2009. Now, Flow of Wisdom Radio will move time slots on WYTT. The show will continue to air Saturdays at 6AM but will move from 8AM to 9AM on Sundays. In addition to the time change, host Sean Anthony The Motivator releases the following statement about dropping “Hip Hop” from his title after five years.

“In 2007, I came up with the name "The Hip Hop Motivator" for my brand, to coincide with my influence in Hip hop and my passion for motivating others.  As a Christian, I thought that I could use hip hop as a platform to influence the youth with a Biblical based message.  Within the past year, God has been using close friends and perfect strangers to advise me to let go of the name, but I was stubborn and believed that my intentions were good.

A quote from George Bernard Shaw says, "Hell is paved with good intentions..."  Since then, I've learned that you can't mix water and oil and you surely can't mix good and evil.

Therefore, through prayer, devotion, and wise council, I have made the decision to drop the moniker, "The Hip Hop Motivator" as my title. I can no longer serve God and man. Ephesians 5:11 says, "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them."  Right now, Hip Hop is producing some unfruitful works of darkness. I will no longer bare the spirit of King Saul--trying to please the people. Instead, my aim is to please God and bring glory to His Kingdom. I will stand firm with boldness in my beliefs.

With the support of my wife, my family, close friends and the team behind Flow of Wisdom, I will move forward as one of the many leaders in the body of Christ to bring terror to the kingdom of darkness.”

Listeners are encouraged to call in live at (804) 345-9236 between 9am and 10am EST or comment online @sean_anthony on Twitter or facebook. Recordings are accepted anytime at (202) 683-7825.

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  1. Hip hop is great. If you choose to live your life like a rap song it's something wrong with you not the music. I've been listening to the music since it was way darker. Plus who can afford to live like that. Hip hop needs a motivator. Don't change who you are for other people. Haven't you been preaching that the whole time. Anyway go show. Keep it going HopHop Motivator.


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