March 2, 2012

Major Trendz Radio Reveals National Digital Lineup and Future Plans

 Jonathan Rasheed Harris President of Music Video/Radio Programming at Major Trendz Radio Network checks in to reveal the online network's future programming and multi-platform plans. In January, Major Trendz garnered attention as the national syndication distributor of radio personality Tarsha Jones aka "Miss Jones/Jonesy" launch of her own radio show. That show lasted all of two days before it was pulled from Major Trendz line-up because of the controversial content of the show. It seems Jonesy made her show a forum of personal attacks against Clear Channel Radio and WUSL Power 99, her former employers. Nonetheless Major Trendz has moved on and is poised to become a major player in urban digital streaming radio. A line up that features major market on-air radio personalities like Olivia Fox, Sam Sylk, and Star & Buc Wild will make anyone stand up and take notice. So what does their new lineup look like?

(NEW YORK, NY) - Major Trendz Radio Networks, Inc. is a full time urban satellite radio network, currently in the process of developing the Olivia Fox Morning Show to be followed by Spike Davis and Friends and the Sam Sylk Show in the afternoon. This line up also includes Star & Buc Wild as well as 45 King in the mix.

The World Premiere of 45 King in the mix will be this Saturday March 3rd. Spike Davis and Friends starts Monday March 12th along with the Sam Sylk Show and Star & Buc Wild in the middle of the R and R Show. The success of the R and R show launched the network with nearly 300,000 listeners tuned in.

The next phase of Major Trendz Radio will be to launch our own satellite radio network and mobile digital applications.

If you'd like more information about Major Trendz Entertainment contact us at 212-779-0638. You can take a listen at

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