March 20, 2012

Talk Show Host Joe Madison Airs George Zimmerman's Racial Slur on Trayvon Martin 911 Tape [AUDIO]

Sirius XM radio and WOL AM (Washington, D.C.) talk show host Joe Madison aired a portion of the 911 tape audio that reveals shooter George Zimmerman referring to Trayvon Martin as a “f**king coon” under his breath moments before he shot the teenager to death.

“A listener reached out to me yesterday asking that I listen to the tape carefully," Madison said.  "This morning when we got in, I had our engineer clean up the tape and sure enough, there it was.”

Click here to listen to the tape from the Joe Madison show - (quote at :16).

Below is the the original uncleaned-up version of the 911 tape containing the racial slur at the 2:22 mark.  

SOURCE -Read more at the Redding News Review
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