April 5, 2012

KFI 640 AM Hires Morris O’Kelly as Host Following Community Pressure

Following the death of Whitney Houston Clear Channel conservative talk station KFI (640) Los Angeles suspended afternoon drive personalities John & Ken for a week over inflammatory remarks about her death. Afterwards a coalition of black activists and community leaders met with KFI station management in late February and insisted that the station hire more on-air and newsroom minorities.

As a result Morris O'Kelly has been hired as a weekend host at the 50,000 watt Southern California based talk station which also features Rush Limbaugh. O’Kelly's show will air on Saturdays from 6-8:00 p.m. Also signed was David Cruz who will host  on Sunday from 6-8:00 p.m. Both shows will begin this weekend. Not the best time slots...but it's a start we guess.

Read more on the story at the EUR website

Listen to the interview by industry vet and publisher of EUR.com Lee Bailey had with O'Kelly: Says the Black Media Alliance opened the possibilities for him to display the fullness of his talent... 


  1. This guy sounds a really full of himself. you need to humble urself dude

  2. I was here today and for tommorow to hear the military guy on Sat. was going to start a habit with him, but I guess he is now gone. And then on Sunday the Victory Sessions guy. You guys dumped the lineup. This OKelly guy sux.


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