April 27, 2012

Michael Baisden Says 'FAREWELL TO KISS' FM in New York


On July 14, 2003 I began my radio career on Kiss FM in New York. Thanks to Toya Beasley, who was the program director at the time, and Barry Mayo, who was the General Manager, who took a chance on a book author to sit in one of the most important time slots in all of radio. From day one the phone lines were on fire with people calling in to get in on the hot topics. Domestic Violence, Cheating Men, The Other Woman, Pimps in the Pulpit…you name it, we talked about it. The station soared from number 9 to number 1 in only two short months. A new era of afternoon radio had begun. A few months later I insisted on taking the show national, which happened on January 31 2005. Since then it’s been a non-stop ride from one station to nearly 80. And it all started at 98.7 Kiss FM

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  1. Sorry to hear this sad news. Can't help but think there is more to this story. Thanks for all the informative information M. Baisden.Thanks for bringing our people up to speed on the important issues.

  2. Yeah I don't like this one bit. I heard it this morning driving to work and almost hit a car. I didn't catch the show every afternoon, but when,I did it was food for thought. It is just unfortunate that it would happen during a re-election year, but that won't slow down the cause.

    Thanks Mr. Baisden for all you did to raise social consciousness. Shame on those who don't value your efforts. They may have won a battle, but won't win the war.

  3. I find all of this suspect. The timing is amazing especially as the election year heats up. Its ridiculous that NYC can't support two classic r&b stations. We're also losing important outlets to air issues not covered by mainstream media. Michael Baisden along with Open Line and Week in Review provide more than music but thought provoking discussions of interest to the black community. Feels like a conspiracy to silence our voices!!

  4. Are they serious? They are taking one of the most informative shows off the airwaves.How can they treat their loyal fans in such a way? Unbelievable!!!!!

  5. I’m signing to make a difference. To support Michael for one of several topics, which either enlightened or educated myself and/or my children.
    Proof that Michael Baisden made a difference and reached many people: The fact that he was taken off the air with no notification leaving him voiceless and unable to notify his listeners to what was happening. The fact that other time slots were given the opportunity to say goodbye and voice their displeasure, supports this even further. (Funny how even those people failed to speak of this injustice to Michael.) Where are all the people who he stood up for? Spoke up for? Gave a platform to to demand their justice? WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU NOW?

    And yet, here he is. Starting his own petition to come back, fight and be there for you once again.


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