April 26, 2012

New York's Legendary 98.7 KISS FM is Dumped for ESPN Radio

98.7 Kiss FM Weekend Host and veteran radio personality Ed Lover might be saying C'mon Son! 


Today's announcement is all about bringing ESPN Radio to the FM radio band in New York City.

Emmis Broadcasting will sell off the name "KISS FM" to the new owners of 107.5 who will incorporate a new "107.5 WBLS Kiss FM" 'One Family. One Station. Our Voice' branding. The ramifications of this move is sending shock waves through the New York City radio community. The move will leave the Big Apple with only one Urban Adult Contemporary station. Steve Harvey will remain but the syndicated shows of Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden on Kiss FM and Keith Sweat Hotel on 'BLS will not survive the transition.  Many radio insiders were thinking that ESPN would be targeting WFME 94.7 "The Family Radio" Christian radio station in NYC instead of the legendary Kiss FM. Today's announcement is a shock indeed. Shaila from Kiss will do middays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Jeff Foxx of WBLS will do the 3-7 p.m. afternoon drive shift. Lenny Green's KISSing After Dark will go from 7 p.m. to midnight. A new era in New York radio has begun as the new lineup will simulcast on both stations until Monday morning.
Radio-Info is reporting these details:  The move to bring Sports Radio to FM involves Emmis Broadcasting, ESPN and YMF Media. ESPN Radio will broadcast on 98.7 FM starting Monday, April 30 and will simulcast their programming from WEPN (1050 AM). "ESPN Deportes" will take over on 1050 AM in the fall. The "Kiss FM" identity and intellectually property will move to 107.5 under a deal with YMF Media. The new YMF Media is taking over WBLS and Gospel station 1190 WLIB from Inner City Broadcasting (ICBC, Holdings) in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy transaction. It was Inner City, under the leadership of founder Percy Sutton, that became the first African American owners of a New York City radio station.

Ironically enough WRKS "98.7 Kiss FM" will not only be celebrating their swan song, it's their 30th Anniversary as well this weekend.

Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan says "recent changes in the way radio ratings are measured, made it very difficult for us to find success with Kiss FM." He says "we hope the best parts of Kiss will live on."



  1. If New York can't support 2 Urban AC stations what does that say about the industry??? WTF! The new WBLS/Kiss FM should have much more listeners. They should be close to the most listened to station in the tri-state. Let's see what PPM ratings tell us next month. SMH

  2. they really do not want president obama to win, but did they have to take our radio station.

  3. The bothers (Michael Basin & The Open Line)they were just telling the truth about reality. here we go again shutting down our voices. But we will rise you can't stop us.

    Now to you black millionaires we need to have a voice. Not a just rappers voice but a voice like Michael and the open line team. You floss you homes and your jewelry and its nice. however we need to own our radio station. Stop selling out like BET. let's own our own.

  4. why are you shutting down 2 giants who help the community of the voiceless stay informed. This might have some political overtones. Open Line and Michael Baisden will rise again..

  5. This is definetly political. Soon all the stations will be news or country/western. 98.7 was a rockin' station and the people were our family. The industry can't leave anythingthats good and related to people of color alone. What bad timeimg. Those that are not returning should have some kine of law suit. You never gave warning just "Clink Clink, shut it down" That is typical of those that hold the purse string. Abd as Maya Angelo's peom goes...AND STILL WE RISE !!!

  6. This is not about rating or dollars and cents. This is about shutting us down as a people, cutting out our tongues and not being able to hear. This nonsence didn't go down to after Trayvon Martin. They do not want us to stand up for our rights & our very existence. How can we be a people if our voices cannot be heard and our voices were too loud and strong on KISS FM.


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