April 27, 2012

Rob Redding has third best-selling book in 90 days

The Redding News Review talk show is gaining popularity and can now be heard on SiriusXM 128 LIVE each day

ATLANTA - Rob Redding yesterday celebrated his third best-selling e-book in less than 90 days. Redding's diet guide the "One a Day Fade Away" was ranked as high as No. 29 on the "Amazon Best Sellers" listing for the “Top 100″ books.

The "One a Day Fade Away" ranked prominently under the following categories:

#29 in Kindle Store under - How-to; Health, Mind; Body; Mental Health; Eating Disorders

#47 in Kindle Store under- Disorders; Diseases; Diabetes

#49 in Kindle Store under-  Recovery; Drug Dependency

Redding said the "One a Day Fade Away" is surging due to his national syndicated talk show Redding News Review on SiriusXM 128 The Power. The Power added the weekday show this week.

"Again, this just shows the huge platform of broadcasting live on The Power," Redding said.

The "One a Day Fade Away" is Redding's third best-selling e-book in less than 90 days. Redding’s e-book, "Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers”,  earlier this month also landed in No. 3 on the Amazon.com list of “Hot New Releases” and “Amazon Best Sellers” listing for the “Top 100″ books in less than a week. Redding’s book “Where’s the Change? Why Neither Obama, nor the GOP Can Solve America’s Problems” landed among the top 30 books on Amazon.com in February.

Redding, who is known as America’s Independent Voice, is the host of Redding News Review, a syndicated news/talk radio show heard nationally six days a week and editor and publisher of ReddingNewsReview.com.

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