May 4, 2012

Is 102.9 KBLX Setting Itself Up for Its Own Demise?

KBLX Drops "The Quiet Storm" for The NEW -"R&B 102.9" Imaging

Over the last few years "The Quiet Storm" 102.9 KBLX has played less and less Smooth Jazz- although it has always been an integral part of its music programming over the past 22 years. Now "The Quiet Storm" branding has been replaced by just simply "R&B 102.9 FM KBLX" along with the branding comes the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Obviously a move based solely on corporate research rather than what has worked musically in the past in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and the rest of the Bay Area. Many listeners in the Bay Area are upset about the changes that are coming to KBLX beginning Monday and many have expressed their concern with comments on our website regarding the decisions by new owner Entercom.

Check out an excerpt from a recent online article from It tells the story of a couple of KBLX listeners who proactively started a facebook page to prevent a format change at KBLX back in February when they learned of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy of former owner Inner City Broadcasting. The article also discusses the prospect of bringing in Steve Harvey for mornings at the station. "If African American KBLX listeners abandon the station the way African American listeners in the past have rejected other African American tape delayed syndicated programming, the resulting ratings drop could justify Entercom eventually changing the station's format." 

Check out the article "What the Sale of KBLX Could Mean" by Harrison Chastang from It hits home to the issue large corporate media companies attempt to do by syndicating radio shows to many markets across the country. In this case a show from the east coast to the west coast markets for listeners who are well aware that what they are listening to is tape delayed and not live!!!

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