May 15, 2012

Jay-Z "Made in America" Press Conference Presents Awkward Moment for Rapper Freeway

Jay-Z announced a two day "Made In America" festival on September 1st and 2nd over the Labor Day Weekend 2012 in Philadelphia. Check out the video of the press conference and what some are calling a snub of rapper Freeway when Jay-Z whispered and asked the Philly native to step out of the photo op. Whether Freeway was suppose to be on stage or not isn't what's important here. We feel the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" as it pertains to the above photo has a lot of meaning as a metaphor on the current state of the music industry on multiple levels. (we'll leave it at that...)


  1. Is anyone really surprised? Jay-Z is nothing more than a walking, talking, personification of what's wrong with humanity. He has no loyalty and is all about self promotion and the all mighty dollar.

  2. Free should have worn a jacket like Jay. He look like he didnt belong there. That whole hip hop drug thing keepin it real thing is gettin tired. Freeway, state property and beans is damn near old skool.


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