May 1, 2012

Michael Baisden Says: Put My Show Back On in New York 107.5 WBLS

Michael Baisden- "Buffoonery Over Activism: Do we really prefer music and jokes over content?" That's What He Said. He Said It!

Last week The Michael Baisden Show was a casualty in the demise of Urban Adult Contemporary station WRKS 98.7 Kiss FM. Midday host Shaila along with night host Lenny Green were brought on board over at 107.5 WBLS, now New York's only urban adult contemporary station. The two shows that got the ax were the syndicated Tom Joyner morning show and the Michael Baisden show.

Should Michael Baisden return to the airwaves in New York City? ...but before you answer you may want to consider a few things.

Was it not Michael Baisden who landed a national radio syndication deal for his radio show "Love, Lust, & Lies" that was a hit in NYC after a book he had written of the same name? Baisden admittedly said he stalked the pages of Essence Magazine to bring sensational and sexually-charged content to the airwaves. It seemed there had to be a "Pimps in the Pulpit" show at least once a week...and even now Friday's shows with the dominant presence of comedian George Wilborn, are usually borderline buffoonery in and of itself.

It really wasn't until the Jena 6 case in Louisiana that the Michael Baisden Show took a different direction in content. We're not sure what Baisden means when he says "Buffoonery Over Activism." Could he possibly mean that radio veteran Jeff Foxx' show on 'BLS is buffoonery? Baisden goes on to say "... who will sound the alarm in New York, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Indianapolis and other cities when the next Jena 6 happens or the next Trayvon Martin?" That's a pretty bold statement and interesting as well. It's really the first time that anyone in syndicated radio has criticized a station for not choosing a syndicated radio show over a local on-air personality. Baisden stands to lose a lot of money not being on in New York.

Jeff Foxx of course was the morning host for many years following Isaac Hayes on the Kiss Wake Up Club during the same time that Michael Baisden launched "Love, Lust, and Lies" at first as a late night ratings winner then into afternoon drive on 98.7 Kiss FM.

Read Michael Baisden's petition to join 107.5 WBLS...and you decide. More than a few people that are considered veterans and professionals in the radio industry were put off by Baisden's post on facebook.

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