May 16, 2012

A Tribute to Chuck Brown, The Godfather of Go-Go Dies at 75

The purveyor of the unique Washington, D.C. based R&B, funk, percussion dominated music known as Go-Go has died. To merely say that Chuck Brown is just a legend is an understatement. He was the musical voice of inner city D.C. that not only produced a party groove but also expressed the social frustrations of its citizens. A city that's hardly recognized outside of its political influence.

Brown came to attention to many across the nation when he released the late 70's and early 80's R&B hits "Bustin' Loose" and 'We Need Some Money." However to call those songs true "Go-Go" would be a gross misstatement.

The music never achieved success outside the Metro D.C. and Maryland area. Although Go-Go became late night hits on D.C. radio, its main popularity existed in the clubs of Southeast D.C. The most notable radio hit besides Brown's songs with "Go-Go" sensibilities were the 80's song "Da Butt" from the band E.U. You can also hear "Go-Go" stylings in the Old School Hip Hop releases from Kid n Play, Salt 'n Pepa, and The Real Roxanne.

Here's a portion of a tribute to Chuck Brown from the Washington Post -"A piece of D.C. history, an establishment, a legacy, a godfather and musical impresario passed away Wednesday. Nationally loved, local legend Chuck Brown lost his fight with pneumonia at the age of 75 and with him goes a Washington that will never be the same. My first experience with Chuck Brown was as a third grader but it wouldn’t be my last as he was a constant on an ever-changing landscape. A bridge between: African musical traditions, a D.C. I would never know and one that I grew up in." Read more...

R.I.P. Chuck Brown. You will be missed, but hopefully your influence and genius will last forever...
Check out some true Chuck performances below and more on his life from the Post obit section.

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