May 9, 2012

VADIO: Now you can watch your favorite stations

That's right- radio and YouTube's VEVO videos together. This could make listening online a more engaging and interesting experience for listeners.

Vadio is a new technology that gives radio stations the ability to stream their live on-air broadcast to their website along with a video performance from the artist that listeners are currently hearing. Sounds like what MTV (Music Television) was when it first began as a cable channel. So you might be saying, "WHAT took so long?" or "WOW!" or "I just sit back, wait and see on this one..." Whatever comes of this " new internet toy," syncing a live radio broadcast with music videos is not easily done. Will this technology take off? That remains to be seen.

Sacramento radio station KDND 107.9 "The End" lets users watch the videos from their broadcast on the Vadio website. Seattle's STAR 101.5 (KPLZ) unlike "The End" has fully incorporated the technology into their website.  They promote it this way: "Welcome to the new STAR 101.5 streaming player! You'll still get the live stream and hear your favorite STAR hosts, but now you'll also see music videos instead of just the audio from the broadcast." Take a listen and see it on the STAR 101.5 website.

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