June 25, 2012

Atlanta's New Urban Hip Hop Station is Streetz 94.5

The new station is headed up by Steve Hegwood. This makes his second attempt to bring the "Streetz" branding to the Atlanta radio market. In 2009 Radio One blocked Hegwood's Streetz 102.9 hip hop station. The station lasted only about a week due to a non-compete clause with Radio One Atlanta. Hegwood, a former programmer with the company, said, "It is a blessing to be able to operate a radio station in my favorite city in the world, Atlanta, Georgia...Our goal is to serve our community and to provide a viable and affordable option for advertisers."

However it seems Radio One is not quite done with making Hegwood's life difficult... The Radio Insight website reported that on the same day that Streetz 94.5 debuted, Radio-One quickly claimed the Streets945.com domain that directed listeners to their own “Hot 107.9” (WHTA) website instead of to the new Streetz station. But that issue seems to have been resolved as both domains will point users to the new website.

Take a listen to the station at the Streetz 945ATL website.


  1. To be real,more sta.the better,but if they gonna play the same ish as the other sta.then its pointless.I've been 2 alot of cities and some of them have only 1 or none(Pittsburgh,Houston,Austin,Jacksonville,Nashville just 2 name a few)So that's my advice-focus on other cities that need a sta.instead trying 2 take over the 1's that been in a city 4 over 20yrs--CAUSE U ARE NOT GOING TO OVERTHROWN THEM!!!!

  2. Last time I checked this is still America...competition is great! I love FREE ENTERPRISE; it is good for everyone.



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