June 1, 2012

Bob Law Files FCC Petition Against Sale of WBLS and WLIB to YMF Media

Long time New York based Black radio talk show host Bob Law is proceeding with plans to block the ownership transfer of WBLS and WLIB by filing a petition with the FCC:

From RADIO-INFO - WLIB NY DJ Bob Law files FCC petition against sale to 'white-controlled company'
A petition to deny the sale of New York’s urban WBLS/WLIB to YMF Media has been filed with the FCC. The grievance: transferring ownership to a “white-controlled company.” That's the phrase used by longtime WLIB (1190) personality Bob Law in an email inviting participants to join an "emergency national conference call" Friday morning (June 1). ... Law says on today's call, he'll "make it very clear how black radio and black media became so vulnerable." Read the full story at Radio-Info

Also check out Black radio, despite what ratings say, continues as a vital resource, a recent article by David Hinckley of the New York Daily News with talk show host Imhotep Gary Byrd. (Please note the Philadelphia DJ mentioned in the article that hosted Dr. King would've been Georgie Woods- see page 2 of the article)

Watch a recent interview with Bob Law below


  1. Law apparently didn't get the memo Magic Johnson is one of YMF Media's principals.

  2. Ron Burkle runs ymf media magic johnson doesn't have a high enough share to even play a major principal role in ymf media that's falsely being bantered about as gospel on internet websites copied all over from one site to another.


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