June 26, 2012

Who Loves Rihanna More... Drake, Chris Brown, or Radio Programmers?

Watch and take a listen to Rihanna's latest single "Where Have You Been." It has a decidedly Rhythmic Pop sound to it, however that hasn't stopped it from being included into many playlists on Clear Channel and Radio One Hip-Hop stations. There are many theories and legitimate reasons why such a song would turn up on Hip Hop stations. The fact is that corporate programmers and not the local level dictates what impacts radio today. However we just suggest that the definition of what is Top 40, Pop, Rhythmic, Hip Hop and R&B is becoming more blurred in today's radio landscape and what kids are willing to download and pay for. In light of what was said a few weeks ago by Rosenberg at Hot 97 Summer Jam, that real Hip Hop is hard to find anymore. Maybe Meek Mill might have something to say about this?

1 comment:

  1. They love her because at 1:54 you see the illuminati.


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