June 19, 2012

Who's Got a Problem with Obama 2012 'We Got Your Back" Radio Ad?

The Obama campaign's radio ad will be aimed at African American listeners in targeted swing states and on the Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner Morning Shows

To paraphrase the words of the ultimate summer jam from DJ Kool "Some of y'all will get this and some of y'all won't, but listen here and let me clear my throat..." 

Can you believe some people get so bent out of shape over the littlest things...take for instance a radio commercial supporting the President of the United States re-election campaign called 'We Got Your Back. "We've Got Your Back!" Don't they have a right to make radio commercials and ads not only for Black people, but for Hispanic people too!?! Just a little disappointed that White folks will miss out on all the fun of hearing these commercials on the radio like people of color will be able to. (oops almost said colored people) Can you believe some black folks were offended by the commercial? [LISTEN Below] Then some bloggers had a problem with it. Then some people called up on the Redding News Review radio talk show on Sirius XM satellite radio and HAD A PROBLEM WITH IT and made some comments about it. All you can do is shake your head at some black folks. Plus its the way the Obama campaign says we talk...in case you didn't know. You should support the Prez as Tom Joyner's BlackAmericaWeb tells you to do.

Now it's time to grab some lunch. How about a 6 piece and some Lou-see-anna Cajun Peach Sweet Tea and Popeye's Annie one of a kind chicken frying recipe while checking out DJ Kool. Anyway all this politics talk can get a little confusin'. Can't wait for the "Yo We Got Yo' Back Yo" Hip Hop urban radio commercial version to come out...because you know we got his back ...Have mercy babe ah-hah, ah-hah, ha

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