July 11, 2012

How Mixtapes Are Killing Black Music

If Lil Wayne comes out tomorrow and states that the Mixtape game is dead and he will no longer deal with it, then watch how many rappers follow his lead.. SMH

"The Saturation Of The Mixtape Game" by Jesse Atkinson, CEO of Urban Threshold Inc and founder of the Underground Music Awards and The A&R Power Summit

The Free Mixtape/Street Album phenomena is killing the revenue flow in the Hip Hop game. Artists are not getting paid, producers are not getting paid, etc. I say leave the MULTIPLE Mixtapes for the DJ’s and the rappers should go back to giving out singles and samplers and creating quality EP’s or Albums that they can market and sell. Rappers have trained their audience to expect free music all of the time with the multiple releases of Free Street Albums.. CRAZY! Stop painting rap fans with a broad brush. Not every rap fan wants free throw away music. Rap fans are not demanding this free clutter music; it’s being shoved on them.

Many aspiring Rock & Roll, Pop, Country and R&B artists are building solid fan bases without giving away free albums. Rappers Take Note! You can put out a free single or sampler and still spark a lot of interest in your brand. Who told you that you MUST put out a FREE Street Album/mixtape?

Your fans must either want to be you or believe you. You must know your target market and your music has to resonate with them. As an Artist you must understand that your Fans don’t just buy your music; they buy your Lifestyle, your Brand and your Movement as well.

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