July 27, 2012

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Alert: Egypt of V-103 talks to Diamond About Lil Scrappy

It doesn't matter she is not on the show (...yet)

Diamond Talks Lil Scrappy, Buttock Implant Rumors, and Soulja Boy with Egypt Sherrod

Former New York radio personality Egypt Sherrod has made a seamless transition from the Big Apple to the ATL on The People's Station WVEE V-103. In this candid interview, Diamond formerly of Crime Mob, who is preparing her solo project, clears up all the blog rumors with Egypt and holds nothing back! Was she ever really in love with Lil Scrappy? Did she cheat on Lil Scrappy with Soula Boy? Is Soulja her soul mate? Will the two of them be getting a reality show? What happened with her joining the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?” and did Lil Scrappy pay for her derriere????? The answers are here!

EGYPT: Okay so the producers of the show obviously set up situations to influence what could potentially happen. You just explained to us that you didn’t feel comfortable with the editing. Was there also some element of not wanting to come face-to-face with Scrappy or Momma Dee?

DIAMOND: No that’s not the case. Like I said before in another interview, they interviewed everybody that is pretty much anybody from Atlanta, either from Atlanta or lives in Atlanta, anybody you could think of they interviewed, so I knew everybody was interviewed, but no that’s false as well.

Check out the FULL interview at EgyptSaidSo.com.

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