July 25, 2012

Rob Redding releases new book, "Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence"

Can you imagine not voting for President Obama or Mitt Romney? ...

Three-time best-selling author, syndicated radio show host and journalist Rob Redding next month will release his third book this year as a guide to Independents on how to answer sometimes difficult questions about voting Independent in a competitive and closely watched election year.

Redding who says "Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence" uses personal parts of his life story to help people to prepare for what to expect when they tell family and friends that they are not necessarily voting for President Obama or Mitt Romney.

"I am always telling people to get off the political party plantation on my show," Redding says, "'Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence' tells people how to be an independent, how to answer questions about their views and how I deal with this issues, in a world where people want them to be just as hooked on their candidate as they are."

Redding says Disrupter will answer questions like: “What does it mean to be an Independent?”, What do you mean that that I should, ‘think for myself?’, and “Do I throw away my lifelong political party affiliation?”

The book also offers an extensive resource section. The section contains information on subjects: What’s the best way to keeping up with the news?; What’s ballot access and what’s the best way to keep up with the issue?; What Independent parties exist beyond the two parties?; What are the national Independent action groups?; Where are the local Independent groups?; What are the Independent blogs and networks? and other topics.

Redding has had three Amazon.com Best Sellers this year. "Where's the Change?: Why Neither Obama nor the GOP Can Solve America's Problems" and "Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two African-American Philosophers" and his diet guide "The One a Day Fade Away."

Redding has an award-wining Independent talk radio show heard in all 50 states on SiriusXM The Power and in markets from Philadelphia to Atlanta and Cincinnati to Cleveland. He is known as "America's Independent Voice."

He has been named one of the "100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" by Talkers magazine. He was voted one of the Top 5 black talk radio show host by BlackTalkers.com last year.

His award-winning Web site, ReddingNewsReview.com, has been a resource for thousands each day for the last 10 years. The site has won three consecutive Black Web Awards for News distribution.

Disrupter is scheduled for release via Kindle and ReddingNewsReview.com on Aug. 13th.

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