July 19, 2012

Ten Reasons Rap Albums Don’t Sell

From MSRIVERCITY.COM-  Some of this is common sense, and obviously there are more reasons why pop/ r&b /country /gospel /all other genres sell more than rap. But here are 10 specific things I’ve observed and experienced first hand while promoting rap music. Never one to present a problem without offering a solution, I suggest you check out That Retail Chick’s blog. She has years in the hip hop sales game.

Giving It Away for Free
If you want someone to buy the cow, don’t give away the milk for free. This isn’t to say stop providing fans with free downloads/streams every now and then to build anticipation, but there are also other ways to reach your listeners. Why would I buy your album when you’re going to put all the good music out via mixtapes before the record drops like [insert your favorite rapper here]?

Bootleggers/Internet Pirates
Piggy-backing off the above statement, bootleggers and internet pirates (myself not included lol) have a huge impact on record sales. Artists now have to come up with more and more creative ways to get attention for selling albums, especially rap artists. And it wouldn’t hurt to protect your files better smarty.

Rappers Motherf*ckin’ Cuss Too G** D**** Much B*tch Hoe. F*ck
I cuss like a sailor, but I wouldn’t want my kids to do as I do...

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  1. Rap albums don't sell for the simple reason album sales in general continue to drop in an age of digital singles: most of the tracks suck.


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